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About us

The driving motor behind Futureproofed.

Cities and companies can be a solution to the climate crisis. Many are leading the way while making their cities more attractive and their business more robust and innovative. Yet, year after year, global emissions continue to rise. We are nowhere near a 1.5°C trajectory, and at this rate of emissions we have less than 10 years left in our 1.5°C carbon budget.

With Futureproofed we set a 2022 goal to work with cities and companies with combined emissions of 110 Mton of CO2 per year, approximately Belgium’s yearly emissions. We want to help these cities and companies reduce their CO2 emissions 5% per year — still not enough for 1.5°C, but inching towards a science based trajectory.

One of the main challenges is getting started. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with elaborate Excel-reports, we're enabling these teams to digitally collaborate to develop and execute their climate strategy.

At Futureproofed, in the last couple of years we’ve evolved from a consultancy to a ClimateTech SaaS organization. Our software-platforms FutureproofedCities and CarbonCap help these cities and organisations to measure, manage and reduce their CO2-emissions.


You can’t have a climate conversation without cities being part of it.

Tom Osdoba, partner & advisor at Climate-KIC

About us

Working for tomorrow since 1999.

We care about driving cities and businesses to be more attractive and futureproofed.

The story of Futureproofed began in 1999 with ‘Umwelt’, the company started by Serge de Gheldere. In 2000, the name changed to ‘Futureproofed’ and the main activity was the sales of ecodesign. This quickly moved towards consultancy, and, in 2007, three partners joined Serge. Their mission: help stop climate change. They collaborated successfully with companies and cities. This success is based on Futureproofed’s vision: “We believe that the climate change challenges bring about unprecedented opportunity for people, cities, and businesses to thrive. In fact, we believe the biggest business opportunity in a century is knocking on our door”.


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